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Periodic eye exams based upon your doctor’s recommendations are extremely important in maintaining your eye health and visual acuity.

Many eye and vision conditions, including cataracts, retina, and corneal disorders, create no obvious symptoms; therefore, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision and, when possible, preventing permanent vision loss.

  • Patient History:
    Review of your general health, any medications you are taking, your working environment, any hobbies, or special vision needs you may have. You will also be asked to describe the main reason for your visit.

  • Auto Refractor:
    An automated testing of your refractive error.

  • Tonometer:
    Measures the fluid pressure in the eye to assist in checking for glaucoma.

  • Keratometer:
    Measures the curvature of your corneas.

  • Visual Acuity:
    A test of your ability to see clearly at all distances.

  • Refraction:
    Measures and tests your ability to see clearly at distance and near.

  • Eye Health:
    An external and internal examination of your eyes for signs of health issues, such as cataracts, corneal or retinal problems.

  • Review of Findings and Treatment Plan:
    Doctor will review his findings, makes recommendations, and prescribes corrective lens when necessary.

A typical eye exam with contact lens fitting and evaluation include all of the testing listed above, plus:
  • Contact Lens Evaluation:
    Evaluation of corneal, lid, tear flow, etc, and refractive error to determine if contact lens wear is an option.

  • Type of Contacts:
    Determine material type and contact lens wear schedule.

  • Trial Contacts:
    Insertion of contacts, checking for comfort, visual acuity, and assessing the fit.

  • Review of Findings and Treatment Plan:
    Doctor will review his findings, makes recommendations, and prescribe contacts as necessary.

Coming in for an eye exam? Then print out our Patient Forms to help expedite your check in!

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